Leadership Styles of Bank Managers in Nationalized Commercial Banks of India

  • Ajay Jain HOD-Department of Integrated MBA, SRM University, Modinagar, U.P.
  • Shikha Chaudhary Research Scholar, SRM University, Modinagar, U.P.
Keywords: Leadership Styles, Bank Managers, Nationalized Commercial Banks


Commercial banks are banks engaged in classic business of accepting deposits and giving loans as against merchant banking, where the primary responsibility is to help business by raising loans. NPA's in banks have reduced their profitability and goodwill in the eyes of customers. Leadership styles of Managers' in banks at various levels provide a sound background to the banking industry. Trait, behavioural and situational leadership studies, ability, dynamism, perceptions, attitudes of bank managers are helpful to manage problems in the banks and hence improvement in their performance. The study suggests that to adopt
participative leadership style to emphasize state development by infusing at each level of management with a serve of belonging and involvement. Senior level managers should develop work place relationship, which is one of the critical skills, every leader in today's work environment and need to possess.