The journal has the following policies on publishing ethics:

Aim and Scope of the Journal :

The journal strives to integrate the practices of the professional world with knowledge creation in the relevant academic arena to enrich the analysis of the researches occurring in the fields of Management in a more pragmatic way and to ensure speedy dissemination of such research outcomes among the pertinent consumers. Management Insight welcomes research-based papers, original articles, cases, and relevant/contemporary book reviews from both academicians and corporate professionals on various facets of management and its integration with other fields of research.

A Double-Blind Peer review process is followed for reviewing the papers.

Copyright and Licensing: The author owns the copyright of the paper. It is distributed under creative commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.

Author fees: No fee of any kind is charged

Process for identification of and dealing with allegations of research misconduct: Publisher and editors reserve the right to take necessary actions to prevent the publication of papers where research misconduct like plagiarism, citation manipulation, and data falsification/fabrication has occurred

Publication Ethics: 

i) Authors need to clearly indicate the name of the first author, corresponding author, etc in the paper. They also need to declare regarding the conflicts of interest if any 

ii) The journal will consider and verify if any case complaints are made. 

iii) The journal encourages ethical conduct of research using human subjects, handling confidential data, and ethical business/marketing practices.