The Covid 19 Impact on Advertising

  • Vivek Kumar Vivek Kumar
Keywords: COVID-19 challenges, pandemic, advertising strategies, marketing strategies, Post covid advertising


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the business worldwide. A series of lockdowns in many countries have led to negative impacts on
economies. Many businesses were fighting for existence. In this fight, advertising and marketing played major tool.
The 2019 novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 has led to a shift in consumer behavior across the globe. This shift in consumer behavior has
forced the business firms to relook their advertising strategy. The COVID-19 pandemic also affected advertising,
marketing, and promotional policies of business firms. It has become important for business firms to adapt to the changing
consumer behavior and come up with some advertising strategies to cope with this challenge. In this article, we have dealt with the
challenges posed by COVID-19 and the strategies used by business firms to overcome these challenges.

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Vivek Kumar, Vivek Kumar

Assistant Professor, Nirmala College, Ranchi, Jharkhand

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