Women Empowerment: Fostering of a Woman's Sense of Self- Worth via Entrepreneurship

  • Bhavana Singh
Keywords: Women empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Business Venture


Women empowerment is a process of empowering women, which may be defined as understanding their viewpoints and accepting them as they are. It also aims to improve women's status through education. Empowerment of women is a burning issue today all over the world. There are various ways women can be empowered, for which they should be given equal opportunities. Both the government and the individuals should come together. The present study is conducted in the city of Varanasi to find out the challenges and
hurdles faced by women in their businesses and to assess their contribution towards economic development.

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Bhavana Singh. (2022). Women Empowerment: Fostering of a Woman’s Sense of Self- Worth via Entrepreneurship. Management Insight, 18(2), 49-58. https://doi.org/10.21844/mijia.18.2.8