Influence of Internal Marketing Practices on Employees' Job Satisfaction in New Generation Banks

  • Jomon Jose M Guest faculty, School of Management Studies, Dr. John Matthai Centre, University Of Calicut Regional Campus, Thrissur
Keywords: Internal Marketing, Job Satisfaction, Marketing Strategy, New Generation Banks


In the present monetary vulnerability and upheaval, ensuring and safeguarding compatibility with banking employees are essential for banks' business achievement. Internal marketing represents a marketing strategy which is created by considering their representatives their first market – their internal customers. Internal marketing makes a domain that empowers banks to concentrate on whatever necessitates changing inside so they can upgrade their external commercial center execution. Internal marketing enables banks to convey better client encounters by adjusting, organizing, and inspiring employees. In this article, the researcher attempts to highlight how internal marketing philosophy helps the new private sector banks in achieving employees' job satisfaction and to evaluate the benefits of internal marketing orientation for the banks success. The research is conducted at new generation banks in Thrissur District, Kerala. The researcher has chosen 150 respondents of new generation banks as sample. The questionnaire in this study was designed as closed – end questions. To understand the demographic profile of the respondents, questions related to age, sex, qualification and monthly salary etc were included. The samples are selected on a random basis after visiting various banks in the district with no bias on considering or dismissing a specific respondent. Pilot survey and Cronbach's Alpha were used. Hypotheses were tested using correlation coefficient(r), and multiple regression analyses. The SPSS software is used to measure the data obtained from the respondents. Findings indicate that internal marketing and all its components has significant and positive associations with employees' job satisfaction. The findings have provided an insight to the new generation banks provides on the area to be focused on in retaining and satisfying their employees.

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