Corporate Advertising as a Tool of Corporate Stability- An Analysis of its Effect on Consumers' Attitudes

  • Abhishek K. Singh Associate Professor, Department of Media Studies , Faculty of Media Studies and Humanities, Manav Rachna International University (Deemed to be University), Faridabad
Keywords: Corporate Advertising, Commercialization, Consumerism


The core outcome of the corporate advertising at the present time of media globalization is to influence the consumer pattern of the market. In developing countries like India, the management of transnational corporations and advertising company are the center of focus as they mainly set the perspective of market developer. It is recognized that corporate advertising are playing a key role in socio-economic development in general and corporate image in particular. Commercial advertising has become a powerful tool in India and other modern organizations. It is very significant as it has proven its importance in the present market system. A large amount of money is provided for the administration of advertising. The present study attempts to analyze, evaluate and discuss appropriate strategies of corporate advertising and its impact on public responses. The research methods used in the present study are mainly conducting (most of the data used are primary in nature)