A Study on Promotion of Alcoholic Beverages

  • Pooja Narang Amity Business School, Noida
  • Ritesh Dwivedi Amity Business School, Noida
Keywords: Alcohol,, Consumer attitude, Promotion,, Surrogate marketing


India is one of the leading countries in consuming and manufacturing alcoholic beverages in the last few years. Alcohol is one of the major players in contributing an important role in India’s economy. Individuals are aware of the fact that advertisement of tobacco, cigarettes, and alcohol is banned in our country, but the leverage has been granted of promoting the brand through surrogate marketing. There are many traditional methods that are still successful in the promotion of alcohol like hoardings and banner, but some modern ways are promotion through social media, ladies’ night, etc. This study aims to explore the various promotional practices performed by alcohol companies and analyze the customer attitude towards it. A questionnaire survey was used to collect the customers’ primary data by visiting various clubs and bars. The total number of questionnaires that were analyzed is 200 using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). The result of SPSS was reviewed based on the hypothesis formed and the relationship is determined between various variables. With the help of results, we connected it to a research model related to consumer attitude. This study concluded that promotional activities play an important role and mostly impact brand awareness. Despite surrogate marketing, the entire liquor bran

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