Relationship Marketing Elements in the Telecom Sector of Jammu and Kashmir

  • Rafiq Lone Assistant Professor, Islamia College of Science and Commerce (Jammu and Kashmir) and Research Scholar, Kashmir University, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Keywords: Commitment, Customer- centric, Relationship marketing, Telecom service sector, Trust.


Relationship marketing is one of the most rapidly discussed concepts in the modern services marketing arena. With the advances in technology, Customer relationship marketing (CRM) and relationships in Business to business (B2B) settings also have gained importance. Various parameters have been employed by researchers to arrive at the antecedents and indicators of relationship marketing. The paper makes a thorough review of the literature to present the dimensions already expressed. Theron and Terblanche (2010) used analytic hierarchical process (AHP) method to make-out ten dimensions out of a pool of twenty-three dimensions previously categorized by the scholars who worked on similar topics; the study though was conducted from a financial services perspective.
From the primary data collected through a structured questionnaire and subjected to analysis, the paper aims to identify these dimensions in connection with the telecom service industry in the state of Jammu and Kashmir (JandK). Trust, commitment, communication, and customer-centricity were identified as the main dimensions. These four have also been identified in various other studies conducted elsewhere in the services sector.

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