A Study On Green Products & Green Marketing From The Students' Perspective In Kolkata

  • Gargi Lahiri Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Sister Nivedita University, Kolkata
  • Soumen Nath Assistant Professor, Department of Management, George College, Kolkata (Affiliated to Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal
Keywords: Green Marketing, Familiarity, Green Products, Factors Affecting Preferences


As society becomes more concerned about environmental protection, numerous firms and customers have
expressed their concern for the impact of products on the environment. The emphasis is on 'green'
environmentally friendly items that are critical to long-term sustainable development. India is also paying
increasing attention to environmentally friendly production and consumption in support of environmental
concerns and sustainable growth. One of the reasons for the emergence of green marketing is environmental
issues. An IBM research shows, after the pandemic, ninety three (93%) percent of customers changed their
attitudes about sustainability (Sharma, 2022). Green marketing is defined by the 'American Marketing
Association (AMA) - as the promotion of items that are assumed to be ecologically friendly'. Green
marketing and green product creation are effective ways for businesses to obtain a competitive advantage
and generate consumer satisfaction (Yan & Yazdanifard, 2014). According to Adams (2020), awareness
does not always equal green product purchases (isn't the best predictor of green product sales). Hearing
about the green product or brand is insufficient to make a purchase. Familiarity is a higher standard than
awareness because it measures the customer's knowledge and understanding of the green product or brand.
The researchers believe that green marketing require greater study when it comes to the familiarity and other
affecting factors. The study is aimed at to know about students' familiarity and perceptions of green
products. Other factors such as willingness to learn more about green marketing, identifying green product
features, preferred mode and source of gaining knowledge about green products, consideration of paying
extra money to get such products etc. Students studying in undergraduate and post graduate levels in chosen
colleges in Kolkata have been considered for this study.