Comparative Study on Private Teachers' Social, Financial, and Mental Problems during & Post Pandemic Scenario

  • Gargi Lahiri Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Sister Nivedita University, Kolkata,
  • Soumen Nath Assistant Professor, School of Management Studies, Swami Vivekananda University, Kolkata
Keywords: Pandemic - During & After, Private Teachers, Social Issues, Mental Issues, Financial Issues.


The outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic in India in March 2020, and the subsequent lockdown and closure of
schools, colleges, and universities across the country, dealt a devastating blow to the country's educational
system. In the aforementioned pandemic situation, private teachers faced a severe financial crisis due to a
number of factors including parents' unwillingness to send their children to tuitions as well as allowing
tutors to teach at home for fear of contracting the virus, education boards' reduction of syllabus, automatic
promotion of students, and parents' financial constraints. The severe financial challenges that private
instructors encountered as a result of the pandemic have received less attention. Due to the decrease in the
number of students, private teachers had to work hard to make a living and found it difficult to meet both
ends. Many private tutors were compelled to change careers and turn to other fields in order to make a living.
The purpose of this article is to investigate the difficulties of survival and financial constraints experienced
by private teachers in North Kolkata and the surrounding areas. Purposive sampling was used at the outset,
when teachers from the known perimeter were approached, and they then assisted in the recruitment of
others in the profession via rolling snowball sampling. Google form was used to create and administer a
structured questionnaire. The research revealed some of the realities that teachers face. A large number of
private teachers have had severe social, mental, and financial difficulties. Same Google form is used two
times to collect primary data from same number of respondent to compare between during and post
pandemic time conditions of private tutors’.