Bath Soap Production Management Technique for Usage Efficiency

  • Rajesh Kumar
Keywords: Soap, Production management technique, Internal support system, Seed, Kernel, Good management practice


Soap is in use since human civilization. People had been using to wash their hands using different materials, not exactly like the soap of today. Some soil is used to clean the hands after toilet. No doubt that soil gave the similar results what we get from the present soap. But using the soil in present day is totally out of question. The present day soap is important daily use item and hence we have to find a solution for avoiding the loss of material during use. Soap is a cleaning material for human body. It is daily used by every person. Its consumption is in huge quantity. Its wastage can not be tolerated at any cost. A new production management technique discussed in this paper helps to save the loss of soap and also make it easily catchable for use. Full and proper use of soap material by people is the topic of discussion of this paper.