Teaching Pedagogies of Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Intention of Students of Higher Education in Nigeria: An Evaluation

  • Lawan A. Lawan
  • Ranjana Gujrati
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship education, Teaching pedagogies, Entrepreneurial intention, Nigeria.


Entrepreneurship education was introduced in Nigerian higher education institutions as a compulsory course for students regardless of area of specialization in 2006/2007 academic session. This paper investigates the impact of selected teaching pedagogies (Normal lecture, Case study, Meeting entrepreneurs, Expert lecture, Incubation facility, Business plan development, Industry tour, Group discussion, Entrepreneurial stories, and Live project) used in delivering these courses on student's entrepreneurial intention. Data were collected during scheduled lecture period with the aid of questionnaire on 405 students of universities, colleges of education and polytechnics in the three regions of Northern Nigeria (The North-East, North-Central, and North-West). Proportionate stratified random sampling technique was applied to select the participants. Descriptive along with inferential statistics were used for the analysis. Ordinal logistic regression was used to estimate the impact of each of these courses on students' entrepreneurial intention. Findings indicate that four out of the ten teaching pedagogies namely; Normal lecture, Case study, Expert lecture, and Incubation facility leada positive and significant impact on students' entrepreneurial intentions.Therefore, higher education institutions in Nigeria need to set specific entrepreneurship education goals and come up with an effective blend of both conventional and innovative teaching pedagogies, through which students' mental and practical capabilities can be improved towards successful entrepreneurship. the teaching pedagogies applied in The study also recommends that entrepreneurship education area must be in alignment with the career interests of the students and with the objectives for which the course is offered.