Designing a Simulation Based Cost Effective Control System for Logistics Management of Entrepreneurial Stratups: a Case Study on Logistic Firm

  • Shwetank Parihar Doctorate from Department of Management Studies, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, Dhanbad - 826004
  • Chandan Bhar Professor,Department of Management Studies, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, Dhanbad – 826004
Keywords: Logistics management, Simulation, Logistics coordination, Logistics flexibility in logistics and ARENA modeling


The study develops a model based on simulation for logistics management. The author'sopinions are collected in the form of literature survey and major points of concern were collected and infused in the model development of the whole of the firm. The case study is of alogistics firm where the parameters are collected and then a simulation model is designed. The modelis designed on ARENA software. The parameters of the case industry are placed in the model and then it is simulated for over .1 million hours. The result shows that the lead time related problems leads to a large waiting time for the batches. This way the study helped in analyzing the risks and it involves the use of simulation for centrally monitoring the logistics management firm for fluctuations or risks.