Entrepreneurial possibilities in the field of Shirt manufacturing in India, Technical Requirements

  • Bikas Agrawal Assistant Professor, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata
Keywords: Shirt manufacturing, quality parameters, foreign brands, entrepreneurship, technical requirements


Indian apparel consumption has seen a paradigm shift in terms of quality and design during the last twenty five years. Readymade garment sector has seen a rapid growth during the mentioned period. Liberalization in the field of foreign investment , beginning from the last decade of the twentieth century, brought many foreign apparel brands in India. Globalization of markets also pushed the apparel market up in India due to more visibility of foreign brands and public awareness of people. After the growth of internet, new shopping platforms have emerged, providing more ease to the consumers. Indian consumers are spoilt for choice as far as apparel brands are concerned. Most of the foreign brands are now being manufactured in India itself under various business arrangements with local companies. presence of these brands has pushed quite a few Indian companies making their apparel products completely on their own under their own brand name and. Success of such Indian brand is an inspirational story for upcoming entrepreneurs. This paper talks about the technical requirements to set up Men's Shirt factories that can successfully manufacture products of world class .