Intervention of HRM in Management of Un-Organized Service Industry in India

  • Gouri Shankar Sharma Assistant Professor, Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida),
  • Gaurav Aagarwal Associate Professor, Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida)
Keywords: Service Sector, HRM Methods, PPP Model, Industry, Un-organized


From traditional era to modern era of industrialization changed so much, we saw so many changes in manufacturing and service industry in India. Now day's government also promoting small scale companies mostly in service sector and even in India more than 80% of service sector are un-organized, where so many small players came to the field of service industry and they did so many changes in the field of service delivery. Earlier Service industries were runs and management by different government control agencies or by the government itself. Late 80s and 90s so many private stake holders came into the service sector. Government also developed PPP model of investment and management. These companies are setup and run by government sponsored facilities and incentives. At present time service is one the major industry were large number of humans are involved like other construction, mining and steel sectors etc. So, it became much more important to adopt modern HRM interventions to manage un-organized service institution India.