Customised Garment Making as the Category for Sustaining Micro Enterprise in the Scenario of Industry 4 Revolution

  • Bikas Agrawal Associate Professor, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata
Keywords: Industry 4.0, disruptive technology, handmade, customised, appeal of hand crafted goods


The fast pace of industry at present is unprecedented thanks to the revolution which is taking place post the
advent of various facets of Information Technology. The whole world is discussing about Machine learning,
Internet of things, block chain , robotics etc. Manufacturing as well as the service sector are largely affected
by these disruptive technologies. Keeping in tune with the latest developments has become a huge challenge
for the Industry as a whole. Those who are ignorant about the changes are losing faster than they might have
thought. Small enterprises are also getting affected by new technologies. Many of the small enterprises are
feared to become non- existent. Survival for micro business is necessary, this sector has to adapt suitable
and sustainable strategies for its survival. The micro enterprise has to find the intellectualaspect of business
that can remain unaffected by the sudden rapid changes in Industry as a whole. Advent of power looms
threatened the very existence of handlooms; fabric manufacturing saw a shift from handloom to power
looms. Still the appeal of that handmade factor attached to handloom fabric excites quite a large group of
people. Garment manufacturing has a similar story of shift from handmade customised garments to factory
made ready to wear garments. This paper tries to talk about the appeal of handmade garments which still
attracts consumers thanks to multiple factors and can be adapted as a profitable micro enterprise