Indian Startups : Analyzing Their Vulnerabilities &Prevailing Challenges

  • Ritesh Dwivedi Assistant Professor, Amity Business School, Amity University UP, Noida
Keywords: Startups, Problems of Startups, Startup Challenges, GST & Startup, Vulnerabilities of startup


Startups have been the fashion of commercial markets over the last few years in India. Lack of Government
support and stringent policies for setting up the startup makes the process difficult. However with the
improvement in the policies regarding documentation work, banking facilities and other helps from
government departments, the startups have surged in past few years. Leftover complicated procedures and
regulations should also be studied and resolved as soon as possible. This study has tried to look into these
aspects and reflect the prevailing situation at ground level. Study has explored the effect of demonetization
and GST implementation on the startups as well as analyzed the overall performance of the startups across
many sectors. Study found funding as the most important factor for the survival of startups and easing up the
government rules and regulations have also been the priority area for the startups. Startup India initiative is
well known to startups but new entrepreneuris expecting more supportive and responsive ecosystem