Business Prospects For Entrepreneurs In Skill Based Online Education

  • G S Rathore Head of Department, Faculty of Commerce and COE, Udai Pratap Autonomous College, Uttar Pradesh, Bharat
  • Bhagwan Singh Dean, School of Commerce & Business Studies (SCMS), Central University of Himachal Pradesh [CUHP], Dhauladhar Parisar - II, Dharamshala, Distt. Kangra, H. P., Bharat
  • Sachin Kumar Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, NIT Hamirpur-177 005, Bharat, H. P.
  • Rita Rai Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Dev Samaj College for Women, Sector-45, Chandigarh
  • Kamlesh Kumar Research Degree ScholarM Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management[M&SCM], School of Business and Management Studies[SBMS], Central University of Himachal Pradesh[CUHP] DhauladharParisar - II, Dharamshala, Distt. Kangra, H. P.
Keywords: online education, skills, entrepreneurs, free


The present time is for Knowledge-Based Economy (KBE) because people can access any required
information via internet browsers or mobile phone applications. The mobile applications have created a high
demand for online education, as it is convenient to use, it has lower cost, higher reach etc. This is conceptual
paper highlighting the future business opportunities that are available for young entrepreneurs in the field of
online education. The young people who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs can help our country grow to a
knowledge-based economy by shaping the students' skills in a required way. It can create ample of business
opportunities to the aspiring entrepreneurs and job opportunities to the job seekers.
The content analysis approach is used to study the different websites of government and no-government
institutes. The study is an attempt to highlight few of the online education platforms for Indian i.e. Bhartiya
students and job seekers. The study concludes that online education system is rising as it generates the
student's satisfaction level. Moreover, anyone on job can continue (h)is/er studies. Many IITs, IIMs,
NPTEL, NPTEL (SWAYAM) and CEC are providing freer and online courses to the students. For young
aspiring entrepreneurs Government of India is providing freer online courses under startup India program.
The study identified 20 online courses under start up India initiative of Government of India (GoI) and many
freer and paid online education platforms in India. The findings reveal that there is rising demand for online
courses in India after launch of Digital India Programme. New entrepreneurs can avail this opportunity and
start their own online presence in online education.