Feasibility of Diversification Strategy for Sustainable Jute Cultivation: A Study in Assam

  • Bidyut Jyoti Kalita Assistant Professor, Royal School of Commerce, Assam Royal Global University, Assam
  • Anjan Bhuyan Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, Tezpur University, Assam
Keywords: Jute farming , Sustainability, Profitability, Diversified Jute Products


In the last few decades, use of jute has declined due to wider popularity of polyethylene and other synthetic
packaging materials across the world. As a result there has been decline and fluctuations in the demand of
raw jute and farmers are the subject of this fluctuation in India. Jute is one of the major cash crops in Assam
and the state ranked third in terms of its production. However, presently Jute has become less lucrative crop
in the crop portfolio of the farmers of Assam. Due to growing ecological awareness, natural fibers including
jute are regaining their importance in the contemporary time. This paper tries to project diversification
strategy to ensure economic sustainability of the jute growers in Assam. Constraints of the jute growers are
also taken into consideration. The study is based on both primary as well as secondary data. Analysis of
growers' constraints and feasibility model are the applied outcome of the paper.