Healthcare Providers' Consciousness of COVID-19: A Case Study in the Cumilla District of Bangladesh

  • Kazi Sonia Rahman Deputy Director, Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), Cumilla, Bangladesh
Keywords: Corona Virus Disease, Healthcare provider’s consciousness, COVID-19, SARS CoV, SARSCoV- 2,


The restorative science community is amazingly concerned with almost the sudden and broad flare-up of the
COVID-19 Widespread. The objective of this study is to decide the mindfulness of healthcare providers and
workers within the Cumilla locale of Bangladesh to get crown infection side effects and disease control
strategies. Healthcare workers and medical graduates within the Cumilla area demonstrated satisfactory
mindfulness of COVID-19 within the healthcare setting. The discoveries of the think about uncovered that
Non-clinical/administrative specialists had the least rate of right answers, whereas undergrad therapeutic
students had the most prominent. This inquire about too appears that all healthcare experts ought to actualize
intermittent instructive intercessions and prepare programs on contamination control techniques for
COVID-19. Conducting educational webinars for all healthcare understudies and experts, counting nonclinical
and regulatory representatives, paramedical and nursing sub-groups, on a customary premise may
be a useful and secure strategy for boosting awareness.