Journey of Khadi in India: From Gandhi's Signature Fabric to Fashion Garment

  • Neetu Jha Research Scholar, Dept. of Economics, Punjabi University, Patiala
Keywords: Khadi, Freedom war, Mahatma Gandhi, Self-reliance, the Fashion enterprise, KVI


Khadi phrase reminds us of the freedom struggle, it brings the picture of Charkha and Mahatma Gandhi to
our minds. Khadi is not only a few random cloth, it performed a prime position in India’s independence have
become an image of self-reliance for the Indian pleasure. Hand spinning has been acknowledged to Indians
for hundreds of years however Gandhi revived India’s flagging khadi enterprise, he made the material the
image of swadeshi. He advocated humans throughout the country to boycott British made fabric, spin their
own yarn and sport khadi. Nearly after more than seventy years of freedom, khadi maintains to amaze
human beings around the world and promoting sustainable style. It acquired a higher degree of interest from
the fashion enterprise. The present study takes a look at khadi as a signature material of Gandhi and its place
in the independence war. It exhibits that khadi material is an image of freedom that experiences the India’s
historic weaves, but embraces modern-day India to discover its relevance. The study, at additionally,
investigates the growth of the Khadi and Village Industries (KVI) and propose the policy suggestion for the
future improvement