Women work-force in Agriculture and Rural Development: Issues and Challenges

  • Pradhyuman Singh Lakhawat Assistant Professor, Department of Business Studies, SHUATS, Prayagraj,
  • Poonam Singh Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, SHUATS, Prayagraj
Keywords: Women work-force, Rural Women Employment, Women Worker Harassment, Women’s Contribution, Women Empowerment, Women Development.


The ILO assesses those rural women include a fourth of the total populace. Ladies additionally make up 41%
of the world's rural workforce, a proportion which ascends to 49 percent for low pay nations. Rustic ladies
fill in as ranchers, breadwinners and business people. They address a significant portion of the agribusiness
labor force. Their social and financial strengthening can intensely affect usefulness and agribusiness drove
development. Orientation disparities in the rural area are critical however hard to evaluate. As ladies are
gathered in both neglected consideration and house hold work and their job in resource cultivating is
regularly unremunerated, their commitment to the country economy is broadly underrated. Ladies from
neighborhood, native and ancestral networks are regularly caretakers of conventional information that is
key for their networks' occupations, versatility and culture. Their commitments are exceptional and
essential particularly with regards to normal assets the executives, farming and ranger service areas that are
basic for both moderation of, and variation to environmental change. Country ladies are gathered in lowgifted, low efficiency, and low or neglected positions with long working hours, helpless working conditions
and restricted social assurance. They are bound to fill in as neglected contributing relatives which implies
their work is to a great extent unnoticed or underestimated. They are most dynamic in the casual rustic
economy and are definitely more outlandish than men to take part in provincial compensation business (both
horticultural and non-rural). Whenever they take care of business for compensation, rustic ladies are bound
to be utilized in low maintenance, occasional, and time-and work serious exercises. Present survey
examination attempting to uncover the condition of ladies work-power in rural regions or semi-rural
portions of the country. Paper is likewise zeroing in on the issues like Creating fair positions, business
venture preparing and admittance to back, safeguarding provincial ladies from unsuitable types of work,
upgrading social insurance, guaranteeing their voices are heard and shutting the portrayal hole are key
components required for extraordinary activity.