Sustainable Entrepreneurship – A Dyad Case Study on Recycling

  • Gyandeep Hazarika, Doctoral Student (FPM),
  • Parth Salunke, Doctoral Student (FPM),
  • Ketan Wadhwani, Doctoral Student (FPM),
  • Kasturi Sen, Sr. HR Generalist
Keywords: Sustainable, entrepreneurship, recycling, education


Sustainable entrepreneurship, which ties the knot between sustainable development and entrepreneurship
(Frany & Brinder, 2021), is this paper's central theme. Sustainable development has become the central
concept in policymaking, business, and society and reiterated since the 1990s (Frany & Brinder, 2021). The
various scholarly definitions emphasize sustainable entrepreneurship with a focus on meeting the needs of
society without compromising the requirements for the future generation. The focus of this paper is to
present the entrepreneurial journeys in a case study format by adopting the qualitative research method. The
presentation of the two cases in this paper enunciates sustainable entrepreneurship into recycling and
education segmen