Punjab to Abroad- Factors, Causes and Advantages A Case Study of the International Migration From Rural Punjab

  • Nivedita Agnihotri PhD Research Scholar, Punjabi University Patiala, Punjab, India
  • Apra Assistant prof. at Govt. Vikram College, Patiala, Punjab, India
  • Anupama Professor and Head of the Department of Economics, Punjabi University Patiala, Punjab, India.
Keywords: Migrants, Loan, Remittances, utilization, family members.


International migration is a global phenomenon and it affect almost every country of the world. This study is
based on the international migration from rural Punjab, especially from Doaba region. In this research paper
reasons behind the choice of destination country, earning amount before and after migration, amount of
household assets etc. have been discussed. It is observed that the ratio of male migrants is much higher than
the females. There are two main motives of the young migrants, first is to get higher education and the other
is to explore better job opportunities. During the study it is noticed that majority of the households have
repaid their loans. In this study it is also observed that people mainly use remittances to purchase household
goods and to purchase four wheeler (cars) and furniture. This paper explored that after migration the
household conditions of the migrants' have improved a lot and they have purchased a number of luxurious
items which they have not been possessed before migration.