ICT Skills Assessing: A Case of Foundation Training Course Conducted by BARD

  • Kazi Sonia Rahman Joint Director, Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), Cumilla, Bangladesh
Keywords: Need assessment, ICTskill, Foundation Training Course


Skills enabling and ensuring universal access to information have been investigated intensively during the
past few years. The general objective of the study was to analyze the need assessment skill of the participants
of the Foundation and Special Foundation Course. A total of 272 respondents were finally included in the
study from three Foundation Training courses and three Special Foundation Courses using a purposive
sampling technique. The research results provide knowledge on ICT skills. Most of the participants have
basic ICT knowledge. In some cases such as typing skills, organizing online meetings, developing online
questionnaires, MS office applications, networking, and e-Nothi they are not skilled enough to serve their
official task smoothly. It is also found from the study among the respondents that physicians are poor in ICT
compared to other officials. Most of the participants are not aware of ICTpolicy and can’t manage ICT work
as per policy.