A Study on The Impact of Artificial Intelligence With Regards to the Indian Banking Sector with Special Reference to Bengaluru

  • Lakshmi Shetty Department of Management, St Claret College, Jalahalli, Bangalore, India
  • Devi E Department of Commerce, Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi, Maurice Nagar, New Delhi
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Banking, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Analytics, Transaction Monitoring


In the last couple of years, the banking sectors in India have increasingly deployed and implemented AI
technologies. Banking is one of the sectors which are seeing rapid adoption of AI, as banks are being
proactive about improving customer experience by leveraging the abundance of data which the business
revolves around. AI is found in all streams of operations such as Retail, health care centers, Logistics,
lending, Inventory control, Farming, insurance or wealth management, AI technologies have shown
potential of making them all better. The use of Artificial Intelligence in Banking is focused on providing
good customer service or engagement such as balance inquiry, accessing mini statements, fund transfers,
etc. Thus improving the improving the efficiency of operations.AI will take away all the Bengaluru city
there is when it comes to banking, and use the huge amount of structured as well as unstructured data. It
provides enormous benefits such as better customer experience operations, reduced operational costs and
risks, fraud detection, Improved loan facility and provides quick solutions to customer queries and
The Research has been conducted to study the impact of AI. The Researcher are mainly collecting the large
number of data with the help of primary data from a sample size of 50 respondents with the help of structured
questionnaire and the Researcher is going to analyze the data using Logistic Regression Analysis, F- Test
and secondary data which is analysed by descriptive analysis. By this study the Researcher will know the
amount of impact that has taken place during the course of time.