A Review of Personality Characteristics of Millennials

  • Anjali Dixit HoD/Associate Professor, School of Legal Studies & Governance, Career Point University, Kota, Rajasthan
Keywords: Generation, Millennials, Gen-Y, Personality Characteristics, Millennial population


Researchers have attempted to untangle the complexity of the Millennial generation through an approach
based on four primary influences—time lag, cohabitation, duration, and personal and social characteristics.
Research has also found cogitable personality differences between Millennials and the previous generation
of Baby Boomers and Generation Xs. The Millennial generation, born 1982–2000, has attracted
considerable attention in the media, educational institutions, and the workplace. Millennials are considered
to be a demographic group that is highly educated and believed to have high levels of self-confidence and
self-reliance. While being socially active, independent, and individualistic, they believe more in working in
teams. They are the children of parents who provide a good nurturing and protective environment. The
purpose of this paper is to conduct a comprehensive review of the available literature on the personality
characteristics of Millennials, in order to get a better understanding the of Millennials Generation, we have
detailed the old as well as emergent research on the Millennial Generation Personality, so that it may be
leveraged in further research.