Drones Usage Opportunities For Entrepreneurs Contributing Towards Aatmanirbar Bharat

  • Ajit Kumar Das, Research Scholar Department of Business Administration, School of Management Sciences (SMS), Central University of Jharkhand
  • Bhagwan Singh, Professor & Dean School of Management Sciences (SMS) and Head, DBA, SMS, CUJ
  • Kirti Rathore, Manager Bharat Electronics Limited, Ghaziabad
  • Kamlesh Kumar, Research Scholar Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management, School of Business & Management Studies, Central University of Himanchal Pradesh, Dharamshala
Keywords: Covid-19, AatmaNirbhar Bharat, Drone technology, Entrepreneurship, Development.


The year 2020 witnessed a significant turning point for the world economy with the discovery of a dreadful
virus named ‘CORONA VIRUS’ originating from the world’s largest manufacturing hub – China, and still
the world is fighting with it. Within a few days it covered almost all the nations across the globe. To put a
check on the speedy spread of the virus and break the chain, the GOI announced nationwide lockdown on
24th March 2020.As a result all the manufacturing units, service sectors and other industries stopped their
production except medical related emergencies. The whole nation went into full lockdown. The financial
health of the nation was badly affected by the virus. After about 2.5 months, country’s growth engine was
restarted with unlock -01. The union government at that juncture gave a big push to the economy with 20
lakh crores of rupees to help the nation to survive and become AatmaNirbhar / self-reliant. It is the new
version of “Make in India” campaign declared by Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi on
25thSeptember 2014. The drone market reflects advanced technology. As a result, new opportunities for the
usage of drones in numerous industries are arising. Therefore, as new possibilities arise, so do fresh dangers
to people's lives and the safety of enterprises. Different organizations have already incorporated drones into
their operations, providing a source to study and learn. As a result, authors has attempt to address
fundamental inquiries including the benefits that the usage of drones can offer to businesses, potential risks,
practical restrictions, and entrepreneurial opportunities for drone industries.