Innovation and Sustainable Development in Entrepreneurship

  • Sofia Khan, Assistant Professor School of Management Sciences, Varanasi
Keywords: Innovation, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Environmental Conservation, Social Responsibility, Ecosystems, SWOT Analysis, etc


In today's rapidly changing business landscape the intersection of innovation and sustainable development
has become a focal point for entrepreneurs seeking to create lasting impact. This abstract delves into the
dynamic relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. It highlights the essential
role that innovation plays in driving sustainable development, emphasizing how entrepreneurs are uniquely
positioned to lead this change. Through a synthesis of key concepts and examples, this abstract showcases
the potential for entrepreneurs to not only disrupt industries but also contribute to a more sustainable and
equitable future.
Moreover, it navigates the intricate terrain of challenges and abundant opportunities that entrepreneurs
confront when striving to implement sustainable solutions. It underscores the profound importance of
conscious and responsible entrepreneurial practices, offering a glimpse into the ever-evolving
entrepreneurial landscape where innovation and sustainability stand as central drivers of success and
societal well-being. This abstract aligns with multiple research objectives, including scrutinizing the role of
innovation in sustainable development, forecasting the future of sustainable entrepreneurship, exploring the
challenges and opportunities encountered by entrepreneurs in sustainable solutions and emphasizing the
crucial relationship between innovation and sustainability within entrepreneurship. Overall, this abstract
sets the stage for a comprehensive exploration of the profound and transformative relationship between
entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.