Green Marketing in India: An Overview

  • Chandrashekhar Singh, Assistant Professor School of Management Sciences, Varanasi
Keywords: Green Marketing], Green Product, Sustainable Development


In present time the term green marketing is one of the most discussed issue . Green marketing is a
phenomenon which has developed particular importance in the modern market and has emerged as an
important concept in India as in other parts of the developing and developed world, and is seen as an
important strategy of facilitating sustainable development. In this research paper, main emphasis has
been made of concept, need and importance of green marketing. It explores the main issues in adoption
of green marketing practices and its relationship to sustainable development. The paper describes the
current Scenario of Indian market and explores the challenges have with green marketing. The paper
also examines the present trends of green marketing in India and describes the reason why companies
are adopting it and future of green marketing and concludes that green marketing is something that will
continuously grow in both practice and demand.