Women's Entrepreneurship and Income Generation through participation in Self Help Groups: Evidence from Primary Data from Tamil Nadu, India

  • S.Sruthi Department of Economics, Central University of Tamil Nadu
  • R. S.Gowthami Department of Economics, Central University of Tamil Nadu
  • Prasant Kumar Panda Associate Professor of Economics, Central University of Tamil Nadu
Keywords: Micro Finance, Self Help Group (SHG), Women Entrepreneurship, Skill training to SHG, Women Empowerment, Financial Inclusion, Alleviation of Poverty, Income Generation and Social Upliftment.


The paper analyzes the women's entrepreneurship, income generation and their economic and social development through participation in women Self Help Groups (SHG) in Tamil Nadu, India. The study uses of primary data collected through random sampling from 72 Self Help Groups (SHG) in the districts of Tiruchirrapali (Trichy) and Thanjavur of Tamil Nadu, India in the year 2015. Percentage ratio method and multiple regression analysis have been employed to substantiate the objectives. It has been observed that the micro finance to SHG helps in running microenterprises and leads to socio-economic transformations. The SHGs in Trichy district are more successful than Thanjavur in income generation through microenterprises. The key factors those contributed to income generation in the SHGs include training, monthly saving and experience of the group. Basic skill training to group members of SHG is very important for promoting entrepreneurship and regular income generation. The Skill India initiative of the Government may focus on providing skill training to SHG groups on microenterprises.