Women Entrepreneurship & Economic Development: A Relational Exploration

  • Sarika Singh Research Scholar, Institute of Management Studies, BHU
  • Alok Kumar Rai Professor, Institute of Management Studies, BHU
Keywords: Women Entrepreneurship, Economic growth, Contribution, Problems, Challenges.


Growth has both financial and social dimensions and is partial without the improvement of women who constitute about fifty percent of the general populace. It miles a general notion that women as a mother, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law and as many more characters in their life have to bear numerous responsibilities of their families. Women have broken four walls around them build by their family members and society and enter into a new world where they have their own identity. Now women have started taking part in the construction of the new world, having more potential, possibilities and opportunities. Strengthening women entrepreneurs is an essence of achieving the non-stop and sustainable economic improvement of the country. By the time, the world comprehended that growth of any economy cannot reach its par without the energetic participation of the women in shaping the state. Women entrepreneurs face social, financial, organizational, mental and diverse other issues whilst running their venture. Aside from all the restrains, Indian women move onward and are cherished for their achievements of their respective area. The objective of this paper is to become aware of the problems and difficulties that women face in the direction of their entrepreneurship.