HR in Reinventing its Fundamental Practices to Gain Competitive Advantage: A Reflection of Innovative Performance Management Practices of HR in Indian Private Insurance Companies

  • Maw Sorum
  • Anil Kumar Singh
Keywords: Competitive Advantage, Employee Performance, Firm Performance, Innovative Human Resources Practices, Organization Commitment.


The purpose of the study is to understand effectiveness of Innovative Human Resource Practices (IHRPs) in reinventing its fundamental practices to gain organization's competitive advantage through their Employee Performance, Organization Commitment and Firm Performance.
Interviews were conducted among 15 HR experts of the Indian Private Insurance sector to determine the major principles and strategies involved in Innovative HR practices within the sector. Further, a survey was conducted among 450 employees to understand the influence of different IHRPs on employee performance, sense of organizational commitment among them and also, the overall firm performance. In order to test the hypotheses, interview data were analysed using Content and Thematic analysis, and the survey data was analysed statistically (Correlation and Regression), using IBM SPSS v21.0 software.
Interview transcripts analysis revealed that there are seven major strategies relevant in the insurance industry, including, talent acquisition, digitalization, performance management, and employees being relevant in a VUCA world, redefining diversity, workspace changes and data analytics. The survey further confirmed that these practices significantly improve Competitive advantage of the organizations through employee performance, organizational commitment and firm performance within the targeted insurance companies, thereby, establishing their importance in the Indian Insurance sector perspective.
Practical implications:
The findings of this study can be used by managers of private insurance companies in India to change the principles and strategies of existing HR department. Subsequently, they can introduce practices cantered on digitalization, talent acquisition and management, and using data analytics tools to improve employee performance and overall business processes.
SMS Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation 4 (2) 43-59
*Assistant Professor, Department of Management, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, Email:; **Research Scholar, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, NERIST, Nirjuli, Arunachal Pradesh, India, E-mail:
44 SMS Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation [ ISSN 2349-7920 ]
Vol. IV, No. 2; June-2018
Limited number of studies have been conducted on understanding the impact of IHRPs on the competitive advantage of the private insurance sector of India with respect to employee performance, organization commitment, and firm performance. Therefore, findings of this research are valuable in identifying whether managers and executive experts in Indian Insurance sector can adopt such IHRPs or not.