“Market Performance Analysis and Structural Equation Model [SEM] on Vital Facets of Store Attributes on Shoppers' Satisfaction from Retail Store in the Selected Cities of Gujarat State”

  • Professor (Dr.) Parimal H. Vyas
  • Dr. Parag Sunil Shukla
Keywords: Retailing, Store Attributes, Customer Satisfaction


Organized retailing is creating euphoria amongst Indian consumers drawing them into sprawling malls and shopping plazas in huge numbers. Retailers are offering newer service dimensions to create unique shopping experiences for the customers. By the year 2030, nearly 570 Million people are expected to live in cities, nearly twice the current population of the United States. India's consumption level is set to reach figure of US$ 1.5 Trillion from the current level of US$ 750 Billion by the year 2020 (Deloitte Indian Retail Report, 2013).
The present empirical research study is conducted by using exploratory and descriptive research design. An attempt is made by the researcher to decipher the influences of selected store attributes on the shoppers' satisfaction from retail stores and the resultant intention of the shoppers' to recommend the retail store to others. The selected store attributes included in the research study were viz., accessibility of the retail store; range of the products; sales promotional schemes offered; behaviour of staff; store layout; store ambience; store atmosphere, and physical facilities of the retail store respectively. The primary data were collected using structured non-disguised questionnaire from the shoppers' who visit the retail stores for shopping. The samples were conveniently drawn and the data were collected from different retail stores located in the selected Cities of the Gujarat State i.e. Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot.The store attributes that influence the shopper satisfaction in the retail store are analysed through the use of statistical methods of Factor Analysis, Market Performance Analysis and Structural Equation Model using Path Analysis.
The present study aims at providing valuable information pertaining to the store attributes which exert influence on the satisfaction of the shopper.
Furthermore, it seeks to point out the important store attributes which requires special attention of the retailers in the selected cities of the state of Gujarat. This will help the retailers to develop an analytical framework of store attributes influencing purchase preference of shoppers so as to realign their business strategies in order to compete in the ferocious organised retail market.