Understanding Employees' Perspective on Employment Relations: A Study on Selected Small Enterprises in India

  • Abhishek Mishra Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration (Human Resource), The University of Burdwan, Burdwan- 713104, West Bengal
Keywords: Precarious labour, employment relations, industrial relations, SE.


A considerable portion of the Indian economy operates under the Small Enterprises or SEs where the studies
on employment relations have largely remained neglected due to some reason or other. As such research in
the field of employment relations in SEs will make a fruitful contribution to the existing ER/HRM literature
(Wilkinson, 1999). There is complete lack of studies on employees' perspectives in the field of employment
relations undertaken from an Indian perspective. Employment relations in the Indian SEs are intricate,
complex and understudied due to the precarious nature of employment and the absence of HRM mechanism.
Therefore, it becomes imperative to understand how employees perceive employment relations inselected
SEs in India. The sample consisted of 40 enterprises belonging to SEs in India. The author has ascertained
'Mixed' research methods for the present research. Finally, discussions have been made highlighting
employees' perspectives on employment relations in selected SEs in India.