Solid Waste To Theme Based Parks In Himachal Pradesh, India: A Healthy, Sustainable, Eco-friendly And Skilled Initiative For Entrepreneurs

  • Sachin Kumar (PhD, MBA), Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Humanities and Sciences (including languages)
  • SunitaYadav (MA, MBA), Secretary, Parsottam Memorial Trust (PMT), Dharamshala, H. P.
  • Bhagwan Singh (PhD, MBA), HoD, Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management [M&SCM], School of Business & Management Studies [SBMS], Central University of Himachal Pradesh [CUHP], DhauladharParisar - II, Dharamshala, Dist. Kangra – 176215, H. P., India- 176215
Keywords: Social Entrepreneurs, Solid Waste, theme based parks, green marketing, skill, Solid Waste management


Waste is generated by various day to day human activities. Adopting improper waste handling and disposal
methods can harm the well-being of public and environment. Waste management creates new opportunities
for entrepreneurs in terms of social causes and it affects the economic structure and economic status of any
country. One of the new approachesin waste management and income generation is Social entrepreneurship.
But in Bharat i.e. India the young entrepreneurs have a dearth of consciousness towards social
This paper discusses the status of solid waste management in India and Government initiatives for managing
Solid Waste atDharamshala.The main objectives of study are 1) to check awareness of people in managing
solid waste atDharamsala2) and how to convert the plastic waste into theme based parks as skilled initiative
for entrepreneurs at tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh. The paper thus explores the scope for entrepreneurs
in waste management.
The study reveals that Solid waste management concept attracted the attention of government around 1970s.
But till now we believe in filling the waste in the ground or putting them in the dustbin. Government of India
has created few acts and rules on waste management which arelisted in this paper.Through this study it is
revealed that people of Dharamshala welcome to the construction of themed parks made from plastic
bottles. Majority of these people believe in separating waste at home and according to them conditions of
waste disposal at Dharamshala are not very good. There is a positive correlation between people's opinion of
constructing theme parks and using plastic bottles in park's construction. Study believes that the quantity of
plastic waste in our country is endless which createslot scope and opportunity to the social entrepreneurs.