Expanding Acceptance and Outreach: A Case of Patanjali Ayurved Products

  • Ritesh Dwivedi *Assistant Professor, Amity Business School, Amity University UP, NOIDA
Keywords: Patanjali Products, FMCG, Herbal Products, Marketing Mix, Patanjali Ayurved


Customers of this era have turned out to be more worried about their wellbeing and furthermore slanted to
keep up personal satisfaction which is reflected through the special utilization of those items that ensures the
great condition of their wellbeing and additionally give most extreme fulfilment. In quest for a healthy way
of life Indians have turned out to be more disposed to Ayurvedic or Herbal treatment as an option for
common cure. This specific inclination has been in charge of exceptional prominence of Baba Ramdev's
Patanjali Ayurvedic items. In today's hugemarket with changing client needs, Baba Ramdev has built up a
special mix of innovation with Ayurveda, affordable pricing, easy accessibility under the brand Patanjali to
pullthe market. The Ayurveda theory and the key to healthy lifestyle has attracted many customers and
changed their perspective about their lifestyle and product usage. Purpose of the study is to evaluate the
preference of Patanjali over other leading products while understanding the its marketing mix. The
consumer belief in natural and herbal products has become stronger day by day and created huge change in
customer preference over other brands.