Do HRM Systems & Practices Influence the Start-Up Organisation? - A Critical Review

  • Sneha Bhattacharjee MBA Student, Department of Management Studies, National Institute of Technology, Silchar
  • Subhadeep Mukherjee Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, National Institute of Technology Silchar
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Management, Start-ups, Organization


Recruitment, compensation, or performance management are the subjects of traditional HR which have an ample number of
insight that are likely to be applied in both established and emerging firms. Numerous proofs which recommend the management
of people in start-upsmay not be the same as the settled firms. There are features, on managing people, in rising start-ups that need
extra concerns and are yet to be. As situations become progressively mind-boggling and dynamic, firms must turn out to be
increasingly enterprising to recognize new open doors for continued unrivalled execution. Start-ups include organizational
learning, driven by the coordinated effort, imagination and individual responsibility. This paper reviews research connecting
human resource management (HRM) with start-ups.