Level of Study Skills of Grade 7 Learners in English: as Baseline Study

  • Jimmy P. Manigbas III Administrative Assistant II/ Researcher
Keywords: Study skills, Interventions, Learners


This study aims to explore the level of study skills of Grade 7 learners in English. This study utilized the researcher made survey
questionnaire to solicit the answers from the learners regarding their study skills. The respondents of this study were the twenty
one (21) purposively sampled Grade 7 learners of Tabgon High School, Goa, Camarines Sur, Philippines who were enrolled in the
class of teacher-researchers for the school year 2018-2019.The statistical tool used was Frequency and Percentage Distribution to
quantify the data from the respondents to generate baseline data to be the basis in generating instructional strategies. As reflected
in the results, most of the learners have fair study skills in terms of time management, note taking, test preparation and reading
textbook however, most of the learners possessed average study skills in terms of concentration in studying. Totally, results
showed that majority of the students have fair or low level of study skills in English which means that they have deficiency in all
study skills. Results recommended that teachers should devise mechanisms and interventions to motivate the learners to embrace
these study skills. Also, learners should have strong grip on the interventions created by the teachers to improve their academic