Budaya – A Social Enterprise Business Model

  • Prashant Singh Assistant Professor, Doon Business School, Dehradun, India
  • Pushpa Kataria Associate Professor, Doon Business School, Dehradun, India
Keywords: Social enterprise, SMEs, International Students, Australia


The article illustrates the business plan of a social enterprise Budaya. This business is based on the recent visible trends of the
growing number of international students in Australia. One of the main problems they face is getting work opportunities in the
country due to work restrictions or lack of Australian work experience. Also, Australian companies prefer to hire locals.
Moreover, small and medium companies (SME’s) are trying to explore the international markets to diversify their business. It
requires information about the international markets and its preferences. Thus, there is an unmet need on both sides. To meet these
demands, we have come up with a platform called Budaya to match both these unmet needs.
Based in Brisbane, Budaya is a platform to provide international students work opportunities in the form of internships in local
SME’s based on their cultural knowledge and skills and to some degree, this behavior will also help companies to understand the
different culturally diversemarkets by employing international students. Our purpose is to help international students find
working opportunities and local companies get foreign markets information. Thus, Budaya is asocial enterprise, as the income
generated from the business shall be invested back into the business to make it grow.