Innovation in Indian Hospitality Industry: A Reflection of Culinary Perspectives

  • P. P. Mohanty Assistant Professor, School of Hotel Management, Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management, S O A (Deemed to be University), India, Odisha
Keywords: Innovation, Culinary, Indian Hospitality, Food, Restaurants


The hospitality and restaurant industry is changing rapidly, but silently and inevitable from many points of view. These
innovations are motivated by demographic patterns, by the demands of modern consumers and are also influenced by the global
economic crisis. Modern consumers and their ever-changing needs prompt response and service personalised to their needs. It is
a specific sector due to several factors that affect the customer's view of experience, and hence innovation in this sector is a
dynamic and multidimensional process. In order to succeed in a competitive market and make sustainable profits, the hospitality
industry needs to be different for competitive advantage and innovation. When the various theoretical backgrounds on culinary
innovation in hospitality sectors are checked, it is found that studies representing the views of the hotel and restaurant chefs and
cooks are inadequate and many of them are also unaware of this particular word called “innovation”. Hence this paper tends to
explore the various existing knowledge on food innovation and try to communicate it among the chefs and cooks working in
hotels and restaurants. For this purpose, the secondary method of data collection has been initiated to find out through knowledge
about it.