Does Online Travel Applications Influence Consumer Decisions: A Literature Review using Bibliometric Tools

  • Ratish C. Gupta Faculty Member, Daly College Business school, Affiliated to De Montfort University
  • Shatakshi Dubey Research Scholar, Daly College Business School, Affiliated to De Montfort University
Keywords: Online Travel Applications, Tourism, Customer Behaviour, Preference


Travelling and tourism plays an important medication for the relaxation of the people taking time out of their busy and hectic
schedules by staying in places away from their standard conditions for a brief time frame only for refreshment. Tourism has an
imperative impact in the commitment towards advancement, foreign exchange and enhancement of employability for
progression of community. The share of tourism to the world economy is 9% of GDP. The most basic estimation of tourism can be
said as the social exchange among various nationalities that visit the country and varied tie-ups that may clear course for overall
peace and harmony. As, travelling and tourism has turned into the most mainstream, trendy and real wellspring of income in India.
Tourism has given a vast purview of freedom to travellers and explorers to broaden the market and it act as significant aspect for
travellers while deciding among various mode of travels and factors affecting them. This Paper is about growing online travel
Application (OTAs) where researchers have studied number of academic articles and research papers on their possible impact on
purchase decision of consumers.