• Abhishek Srivastava Assistant Professor, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Indrani Sengupta Assistant Professor, Auro University, Surat (Gujarat)
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, stock trends, predictive approach, trading pattern, financial market speculation, technology


Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has advanced impressively since inventors began tampering with its potential. Many believe that the next great use for AI technology will be in the field of financial market speculation. Technology can be used either to make our lives better or make money.The stock exchange market is the most volatile and most dynamic of all. Special care has to be exercised in buying and selling of stocks from different companies or businesses. The probability of losing the stocks and acquiring benefits through the stocks are fifty-fifty. Volatility of the stock market jumbles up a trader’s nervous system making it difficult to understand or thin rationally.Artificial Intelligence is supposed to be a predictive model that looks at more than technical patterns of trading. It has the ability to identify financial features of companies (e.g. price to earnings ratio, long term (business loans) that will make money in the long run. This requires capabilities from different areas of study and massive computational power which is why it is only prevalent in recent years. This paper tries to attempt of coming up with a basis and prediction using Artificial Intelligence in identifying trading pattern relations which appropriately inter relates with High Frequency Stock Trading based on pre-set criteria.

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