Management Insight(Print ISSN 0973-936X; Online ISSN 2456 0936; online availability on, the Journal of Incisive Analyzers, established in 2004 by the Founder Director General of School of Management Sciences (SMS), Varanasi, Late Prof. Mukund Lal, is a half-yearly peer reviewed pioneer international publication of SMS Varanasi. Its objective is to integrate the practices of the professional world with knowledge creation in the relevant academic arena to enrich the analysis of the researches occurring in the fields of Management in a more pragmatic way and to ensure speedy dissemination of such research outcome among the pertinent consumers.

Management Insight welcomes research-based papers, original articles, cases, and relevant/contemporary book reviews from both academicians and corporate professionals on various facets of management and its integration with other fields of research. The contents of the journal are available on our website and the journal is indexed at Crossref, PKP, Open archives, Google Scholar, J-Gate, Ulrich, and Indian Citation Index. 

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MANAGEMENT INSIGHT VOL.16 NO. 2  Dec 2020 Issue (In Press)


MANAGEMENT INSIGHT VOL.17 NO. 1  June 2021 Issue

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