Work from Home and its Pros and Cons on Employee Performance and Health

  • Awishantika Rai United University prayagraj
Keywords: Work from home, Employee wellbeing, Performance, Stress, Emotional aspect, Positive impact, Negative impact, Literature review.


Due to COVID-19, a panic situation aroused all over the world which changed the style of working on a larger scale. The pandemic made working from home the new way of working for all as social isolation was imposed all over the world by govt of different countries. So, understanding its new possibilities and finding ways to adapt to the change, not only to survive but also to be better day by day in each circumstance while working. When talking about well-being and performance we are about to discuss, family-work conflict, social isolation, distracting environment, emotional and mental health, stress experienced, self-leadership, improve productivity, quality family time, freedom to work from home, and easily done responsibility, improved relationship, care and affection toward others. This study tends to find the challenges and new possibilities of working from home in the near future as many organizations are on the edge of using the hybrid model of working in their organization (few days WFH and few days WFO). Working from home has a different impact on each person, this study helps in understanding the best possible way of WFH to org that can use them and get benefit from them in the long run and make it a new normal way of working.

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