Teachings from Indian Management: The Spirit of Selfless Service

  • Nilanka Chatterjee Universal AI University, Karjat, Maharashtra, India
Keywords: Indian Management, Ethos, Spirituality, Managerial Effectiveness, Models, Systems


Increasingly , a need has emerged to justify the relevance of Indian Management in today’s organisational context and the search to
explore how the Indian shastras , containing the universal and spiritual values of mankind , can help in creating the value based Managers
and enlightened leaders who can shape the environment, systems and organisations, where people can work together in joy, offering their
best for the good of the society , not in competition and tension but in the spirit of camaraderie and bonhomie. The author has clearly tried
to bring out that according to Indian Management the concept of work does not merely revolve around meeting our basic needs (food,
clothing and shelter) but also it is our opportunity to grow towards infinite perfection and joy. Through attending various conferences and
seminars, the author is of the conviction that Indian Shastras have a lot to contribute for managerial processes like Human Resource
Management, Leadership, productivity, motivation, self -development, organisational effectiveness, corporate governance etc. The
author is of the opinion that understanding the Indian behaviour and ethos will help us to come out with an approach and right kind of
Management style to create harmony and industrial peace. Through this research paper the author has tried to establish relevance of
Indian Management and tried to explain how the work ideals can be applied and have been successfully applied for improved individual
productivity and organisational effectiveness. The author feels privileged to present this bouquet of universal values and ideals to the
practising modern Managers and industry leaders, marked with a a flavour of Indian Wisdom so that in and through excellence in our
work , we may develop and grow and achieve the penultimate goal of our personal and professional life.
Design/methodology/approach: Based on literature review and the contemporary work done the most critical need today in business
leadership is a new kind of leader: authentic leader- and the Indian Management approach can serve as a platform in evaluating the
leadership traits and competencies. The efforts involved in evolving and implementing the Indian Management strategies are outlined
that can be used in developing and inculcating a new culture for leader development and leadership readiness.
Findings: The Indian Management approach can pave a new pathway to the corporate culture and is depicted as a means for gauging and
evaluating the existing leadership pipeline in an organisation revolving around the scope of this work.
Practical implications: Indian Management concepts can help organisations achieve the mission critical goals- helping its leaders to
sustain and succeed in uncertain business environment leveraging through the organisational competencies – unleashing the unlimited
Originality/value: An original piece of work, this research paper can be of immense value not only for the academicians but also for the
HR and Talent Development professionals, more in terms of identifying, nurturing and developing vibrant business leaders and thinkers
of tomorrow.
Keywords: Indian Management, Ethos, Spirituality, Managerial Effectiveness, Models, Systems

Author Biography

Nilanka Chatterjee, Universal AI University, Karjat, Maharashtra, India

Director (PGDM-BDI), Department of Human Resource, Universal AI University, Karjat, Maharashtra, India

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