Effects of Gender Differences: A Study of Consumer Purchase Behaviour regarding FMCG in Organised Retail Outlets

  • Abhishek Kumar Singh Assistant Professor, Institute of Management Studies, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi
Keywords: Consumer Purchase Behaviour, FMCG, Organised Retail Outlets


Background and Purpose:
India, the country where the culture is diverse and people from different parts have various tastes, likes and dislikes. Here in my research
the basic focus or aim was to study and observe that how the consumer behaviour is shifting with the emergence of organized retail outlets
in Varanasi for purchasing FMCG products. The study also aimed to examine the effect of gender differences on consumer purchase
behaviour of FMCG in organised retail outlets.
The required data was collected through an online survey. The questionnaire to assess the impact of gender differences on consumer
buying behavior, using google forms was sent to the respondents. Some of the consumer’s responses were recorded using telephonic
interview. The data collected was analysed through Jamovi version 1.2 software and Chi-Square and Fisher’s Exact Test methods.
Results/ Findings:
It was found that there was a highly significant association between gender differences and number of organised retail outlets visits per
month; and there was no significant association found between gender differences and impulsive buying behaviour, frequency of
organised retail outlets visit per month and expenses per month in organised retail outlets for FMCG buying. Other findings were that the
consumers are shifting towards organised stores from unorganised ones but still there are a significant number of consumers who
purchase their FMCG requirements from unorganised (traditional formats) stores.
Managerial Implications:
The findings will help organised retailers to search and implement new ways to survive and succeed in competitive environment and they
would come to know how the gender differences affect the consumer buying behavior.

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Abhishek Kumar Singh. (2024). Effects of Gender Differences: A Study of Consumer Purchase Behaviour regarding FMCG in Organised Retail Outlets. Management Insight, 19(02), 44-53. https://doi.org/10.21844/mijia.19.2.6