Evaluating Emotional Quotient and Reactions of Internet Advertisements (With Special Reference to Insurance Ads)

  • Pragya Jaroliya Associate Professor, Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research, Indore (M.P.)
  • Deepak Jaroliya Associate Professor, Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore (M.P.)
Keywords: Attractiveness,, Emotional Quotient, Meaningfulness, Reaction, Vitality


There is no doubt that emotions are important to advertisements and many advertisers understood that using emotional connects, it is very easy to sell brands. Emotional response has received an increased attention, since researchers demonstrated its major influence on attitude towards advertisements. During the review of literature, it has been observed that many studies have been conducted on emotional quotient towards advertisements in different media, but no such study has been conducted for Internet advertisements. While seeing the popularity and acceptability of Internet advertising in the present scenario in India, the present research was set out in order to evaluate the Emotional Quotient and Reaction for Internet advertisements. In order to get the response, the scope of the study has been limited only to the Internet advertisements relating to banking insurance products offered by banks and advertised over their websites. Basically, the research has been conducted into different phases. In the initial phase, four top rated advertisements were selected. In the second phase, the level of EQ of the selected advertisements and the corresponding reaction were analyzed. It has been observed that the emotional quotient of Internet advertisements was high, however in case of reaction factors, the Internet advertisements were found to be highly attractive, but less meaningful. In terms of vitality as a factor of reaction, the advertisements found to be average. The study would be useful for the advertisers, those who are dealing in Internet advertising as well as for the banks or the financial institutions offering insurance products and services in order to improve the meaningfulness generated over Internet.

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