• Nidhi Kaushal Senior Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (Uttarakhand)
  • Sanjit Mishra
Keywords: Ethics, Leader, Management, Thirukkural


Management studies have been always seen as a discipline based on theories of the western world. It has a prominent place in all kind of modern education. Since it has been explored so much and there are numerous philosophies and researches available on the topics related to the management, but available Indian texts and philosophies by great scholars have dominance over modern theories and practices. They have written the lessons for the management of complexities in life and business. Those rules and values have been practiced since the ancient times and proved to be successful and fruitful in every aspect. Even the modern entrepreneurs have a strong belief over them and they have accepted as the best and more useful alternative over modern concepts of studies. Thirukkural is one of such ancient text on wisdom and ethics. The scholars from the contemporary fields admitted and respected the Indian texts because the wisdom and intellectually never shades due to changes and advancement. It has a bright shine for its existence ever. The current paper in the form of a review article is an
attempt to highlight this magnanimity in the contemporary world of management.

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