Green Accounting in India

  • Anchit Jhamb Assistant Professor, PIT, Rajpura
  • Swati Aggarwal Assistant Professor, Chandigarh University
Keywords: System of National Accounts,, Green Accounting,, CSR,, Conventional Accounting


Environmental accounting or inexperienced accounting may be a new branch of accounting that aims at accounting for the atmosphere and its well-being. Though it's a very new field/branch of study and practice; it's presently gaining connection attributable to its importance. Additionally to simply checking a Company's profit or loss or its revenue and expenses environmental or inexperienced accounting may be a growing field that focuses or provides for accounting the environmental impact, bound factors might cause to a business or organization. The adoption of inexperienced accounting depicts the commitment associate degree enterprise/organization has towards the atmosphere. It deals with three most vital factors folks, profit and therefore the the} planet associate degreed also a lot of or less deals with the prices and also the benefits or advantages an atmosphere brings to a business. India's former atmosphere Minister adult male. Jairam Ramesh once in power stressed the requirement and importance to bring inexperienced Accounting practices to the forefront of accounting in India.

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